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Sex and Obesity

Erectile problems are common in overweight individuals

Erectile dysfunction is clearly linked to a host of medical problems
such as diabetes, hypertension and elevated cholesterol. Patients with
significant obesity are clearly at risk for a variety of reasons,
including the aforementioned conditions as well as sleep disorders and issues
of lack of testosterone.
Gastric bypass surgery can help resolve erectile dysfunction in some men with morbid obesity. In recent reports from Boston and Philadelphia, at the recent American Urologic Association meetings the authors noted "weight loss and other risk factors that are alleviated by weight loss may be keys to restoring sexual function." It is important to note that sexual issues are profound in morbidly obese men. Previous reports have noted dramatic improvements in blood sugar control following gastric bypass.
Unfortunately obesity is our culture's form of malnutrition, with enormous consequences for the individual and our society.
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Steven Lamm M.D. is an expert in sexual health and author of the Hardness Factor.


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