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Minute Men

The most common male sexual problem that also affects women.

Patriot Day was recently celebrated in Boston. However, minute men are never celebrating.

Timing is everything. Sex needs to be an orchestra when all the instruments come together. But premature ejaculation, the most common sexual health complaint of men and the partners who love them, affects at least 30 percent of men, and it is a subject rarely discussed in the doctor's office by either men or women.

The strict definition you'll get from sexual medicine experts includes such scientific terms as "intravaginal latency period"—simply stated, the time it takes to ejaculate after penetration. For men with premature ejaculation, the time period can be as short as 30 seconds. For some, the ejaculation occurs before penetration. This condition has enormous consequences for the man and his partner, resulting in significant distress.

Just this week , two different patients, a young wife and and single man, discussed the issue with me as part of their check up. I am certain both will be helped. Doctors and patients need to be free to listen and appreciate that very effective treatments are available. The biology of premature ejaculation is starting to be understood and it is important to appreciate it affects both young and older men.

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In my upcoming posts, I will discuss new treatments, including a new medicine called Dapoxetene that affects the serotonin system. I will share techniques that have been helpful. But first, I invite all of you to share your experiences—success and failures. No shame, live stronger.

Steven Lamm M.D. is an expert in sexual health and author of the Hardness Factor.


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