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How to Work Smarter: Three Keys to Career Success

Unfairness in the workplace is common. But brooding won't help you. Instead, follow these three steps to empower yourself and climb the corporate ladder Read More


Thanks for this good advice Dr. Cummins. It is especially useful for someone like me who has workaholic tendencies. I couldn't help but be curious though how Mr. Coleman determined the percentages in determining workplace promotion. Would you mind summarizing his methods?

your question

Your question is a good one. He is not a scientist, so his numbers are not based on data he collected in the workplace or studies that he ran. Instead, they are based on his experience in the workplace, including his experience in career coaching.

It's no just in the

It's no just in the workplace.

Consider the number of politicians and other celebrities who have high paid "image consultants" and "media consultants" to project and promote specific salable images. Ask yourself: How many politicians really get elected on their performance and how many on their image?

Additionally, it has been determined that visual cues and clues are the most effective and important means of communications. More effective and important than the actual words. And second only to how it's said (the tone of voice, etc.).


Why an entrepreneur should promote, ie pay more, an employee for something that is not performance? Reason so many companies and get loss.

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