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Trauma, Stress, and Restorative Sleep

We have recently been exposed to some very stressful and traumatic events (e.g., Hurricane Sandy, the fiscal cliff, and economic instability). Learn 5 easy steps to relieve insomnia exacerbated by stress and trauma. Read More


I find that the simple act of creating a "pattern" when going to bed at night - things like a warm bath, some easy reading, turning the lights down, preparing tomorrow's breakfast - all help in creating a stress-free bedtime. When I manage to do all these things, sleep comes relatively easy. When I don't, I'm awake all night.

I always come back to simple, basic, sleep hygiene as the CBT solution for better sleep....

Simple Sleep Rituals Reply

Dear Doug,

Thank you for sharing how using a simple approach to sleep rituals before bedtime establishes such a nice pattern for deep restorative sleep. It not only creates a healthy pattern for sleep preparation but it also gets hard wired in the brain thus decreasing hyperarousal. Keep up the great work.

Ed Glauser, M.Ed., N.C.C., LPC
Author of Golden Slumbers blog

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Ed Glauser, M.Ed., is a clinician who writes about insomnia, pain, and stress.


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