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It is undeniable that the most pressing issue facing the world today is male hair loss. Smaller issues, such as gay marriage and climate change must take a back seat to this far more urgent crisis.

There is far more that unites humanity than there is that divides it. As James Carville, Ving Rhames, Albert Pujols and the Dalai Lama demonstrate, baldness strikes tragically at men of all races and creeds and colors. This is why it is urgent that we all join hands and work together to solve the greatest tragedy that has ever faced mankind.

The best way to start is by reading the upcoming book, a future best seller: "Weaves Are the World" by Sy Sperling. There is no need for business professors to go through life as cueballs. Sy Sperling can lead the way to a better way of life.

Read it now- do it for the children.

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