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Spectrum Traps And Escapes

I've been thinking about something you said some time ago. About how parents think their child is gifted,when they're not,but the child is very smart.

If both parents have ADHD,and are on the Bipolar spectrum,their child can escape ADHD and be born with an IQ or neurological evolution. The parents would perceive the evolution as gifted,which it is according to parental genetics, but not to the standards of true giftedness.

When both parents have AD(H)D,and are on the Depressive spectrum, there is a limited variation in IQ, and It's impossible for the child to be born without AD(H)D,unlike the child born from the Bipolar parents.

This should be seen as a genetic fact.

Always love your work.


A very heady comment. Apologies for the late response here. Frankly, I'd have to defer to genetic scientists whose pay grade is beyond mine in order to agree (or disagree) with your observations here. Thanks for contributing to the discussion!

I imagine it's not an easy

I imagine it's not an easy thing be able to handle a gifted child, no matter how gifted he is he is still a child and you need to find a good balance for him. I am planning to write my term paper on this topic, do you have some extra resources to share with us?

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