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Remembering Sandy Hook

Research in ACT shows that social connection and caring requires enough perspective taking and empathy to feel what it is like to be someone else and enough psychological flexibility not to run away when that is hard. Horrific events such as the Sandy Hook disaster challenge us to do this instead of looking away, but the suffering of those who died demands nothing less. Read More

I got empathy

At this point I'm Team Lanza. The more Sandy Hook gets shoved down my throat the more I feel sorry for Adam Lanza, a young man who was mentally challenged and imprisoned without cause. And then his jailer gave him access to lots of high-powered weapons and ammo.

The media and everyone else needs to quit insisting what should be important to me. I make that decision.


If you watched the YouTube video you will understand where I'm coming from. I doubt from this comment that you did ... but the video is a bit hard to look at so please do not feel pressured. You can make that decision.

Thank you

I cried in an auditorium full of tears when you presented this at Sydney. Thank you so much for finding a way to share it with a broader audience.

Thank you for the article

I am new to ACT but already I have found it immensely refreshing and helpful. I cried so much when the news were just out. Thank you for holding the lives of these children their loved ones in honor.

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