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Sweden Repeals Forced Sterilization for Transgender People

The Swedish law that required transgender people to undergo sterilization before they could be legally recognized as another gender has been recognized as a violation of human rights. Read More

Stating the obvious

Of course Amanda Brihed was "sterilized", is that even a question? How exactly did he expect to be turned into a woman and maintain his ability to reproduce? I certainly would not call "asking to have one's testicles removed" a "forced sterilization". Giving Brihed $31,000 for simply having the operation he asked for completed is absolute nonsense.

A more complicated story

Not all transgendered people want to go through sex reassignment surgery, or to have the full surgical removal of their sex organs, but the law in Sweden was requiring people to do so in order to be legally recognized as another sex. Furthermore, the law prohibited people undergoing the operations to freeze their sperm or eggs for future use.

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