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The Prom Date Draft in The OC: Why We Should All Care

5 problems with holding a 'draft' for prom dates. Read More

Mr and Ms Irrelevant

Usually in cases like this I would defend my male peeps. But I think you have valid points. I mean, who wants to be Ms Irrelevant?

One thing I dislike about this generation is how they cannot keep things privately. Good lord. Back in my day, girls and boys kept it private. FB or Twitter didn't make it worse. Can you imagine if FB was as prevelant as it is today? I'll be writing poems to girls late at night and get rejected. Seriously. Lol

Do I think this issue should get media attention? I don't think so. Men are going to be men no matter what. You can have every imaginable class to socially change them but it won't matter. We do feel that women need us as we need them. And there are dozens of studies today about girls. Dozens. It kind of reinforces our behavior towards them.

I agree with you is not, at least in the public eye, to make women as unproven commodities. Because if the beautiful girls get chosen in the top ten, chances are these same women will follow along protocol and feel unthreatened or unattentive to the other girls in their school. If the mediocre girl gets chosen late, then the number one pick will not be threatened by her beauty or physical attractiveness. There's a reason why she got chosen late on the round, and if you can admit that, it proves our social status.

I'm usually in favor of "man law", but in this case, these guys are pretty slow. I'm not gonna go far and say my generation would have keep it on the down low. But even back then, both girls and boys, kept a mutual respect for one another. Girls even back then had a top ten hot list for guys. Lucky for me, I was in the top three. I guess I was hot. But I'm pug fugly.

People like you are the

People like you are the reason less and less men are shown any respect..

They don't deserve it.

and that was a choice they made.

If only the girls in this school would give a big F*CK YOU to all the boys and see how their draft goes then. If only girls started seeing boys as worthless as boys see girls, there'd be no problem. All the girls would go to prom together and have a hell of a better time than they would if boys came.

Lets hope these girls decide to boycot the boys... than they can draft for a circle jerk like they deserve.

Girls just need to be taught that boys are the least of their priorities and not condone their anamilistic behavior. Maybe males would start to actually evolve past that of animal into a fully function human being.. if only

OTH influence?

okay, you should know before reading this that i am a teenage girl in a very fortunate high school. And while I do see a problem in this to a degree, I think you have failed to realize that all the boys are doing is determining who gets to ask who and when, that does not mean the girl is required to answer positively, and she still has the chance to say no, at least I assume. Aside from that, I would like to point out a very similar, however fictional, scenario: the Fantasy Boy Draft for One Tree Hill. While reading this article I couldnt help but think back to this episode of One Tree Hill, if you are unfamiliar with the FBD:

so, my point is that you can't focus on how men mistreat women in high schools because we treat them equally as bad. You can't take a single incident and turn it into a reason to hate on all white high school boys, which is going off your assumption that they are indeed of this description. Furthermore, none of the ladies seem to really be all that against it. It was just for fun, and it is okay to have fun in high school and be stupid.

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