Gender and Schooling

Ending bullying and harassment, and promoting sexual diversity in schools.

Teachers harassing students: Exception or the rule?

On August 13, 2009, the reported that a Minnesota school district agreed to pay $25,000 to Alex Merritt after an investigation was conducted by the Minnesota Human Rights commission. The student and his mother filed a complaint with the commission stating that two teachers were subjecting him to anti-gay harassment. Read More

'At My School'

At my school when they find out someone is gay or bisexual they discriminate against them or sometimes addvoide them. Or in other groups it depends if that person is populer in that group or if that person is really hot. I think the whole thing is stupid and if someone dosen't like it then they should just not think about that person in that way. I go to a junior high and have one bisexual friend, and we in a group sometimes pick on him (I know we shouldn't but we do anyway).

I was looking through the

I was looking through the blogs posted for Psychology Today and saw yours on there. I am a teacher/administrator at a school in California and I am always interested in reading about people's thoughts on educational issues. I would be interested in reading your book if you are still offering an opportunity to win a free one.


My district

Last school year, a teacher was harassing my daughter and her friends. He would follow them in the hallway or to out-of-school social events. He even scanned Facebook to try to be friends with one of them. Three of us parents made a formal complaint against this teacher. Nothing was done. We found out later that he has a file two inches thick of inappropriate behavior and was even suspended the previous year because of it.

When they foolishly placed my daughter in his class again this year, I went to the superintendent to change it. His arrogant response to my concern was, "So, what's the problem?" Only when I stormed out of his office, did he call to say she would be switched. They're trying to keep sweep this whole mess under the carpet.

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Elizabeth Meyer, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, California.


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