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Game Plan: A Guidebook for Men

Men don't need help—or at least they don't often ask for it. A man typically has to be half dead before he seeks the help of a psychologist or caregiver. Are there unique needs for men and how can they best be addressed by helping professionals? Read More

Just make sure you don't

Just make sure you don't assume all people of one gender need the treatment for that gender.


Your comment is well taken. It is so difficult to speak of a gender without stereotyping. "All men are..." "All women are..." That's the struggle--how to make a meaningful comment about a gender or race or ethnicity or political group or religious group, without it "gunny sacking" everyone. Yet, how do we acknowledge our differences, if in fact there are differences? If we can find out how to do that, perhaps we can avoid some of the factions that exist today socially, politically, and religiously.

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David J. Powell, Ph.D., was an Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry in the Department of Psychiatry at the Yale University School of Medicine.


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