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Is Your Lover Using Twitter to Cheat on You?

Online relationships develop in myriads of ways, but few of us would predict that the flames of love could be fanned in 140 characters or less. However, new research shows that active Twitter users in virtual relationships may set the stage for their real-life relationships to get in trouble. Read More

How important are these romantic relationships anyway?

Are romantic relationships that important to the point where we would feel like to have a romantic relationship we will have to give up Twitter, Facebook, email and other Internet usages so that a romantic relationship takes precedence?

Myself, you'll take my Twitter and Facebook out of my cold dead hands first.

Social media is here to stay. Most people are using social media to help with communicating with friends and family, building professional relationships, and in my case, gaining more paid clients. Yet, we have these so-called experts claiming that social media harms romantic relationships. If one has a romantic partner that has a problem with someone who is on Twitter, then that same person is going to be upset that their loved one has friends, coworkers, acquaintances, hobbies, outside interests and likes different TV shows.

And just a word of advice, I refuse to communicate with someone who has joint email accounts with their significant other or joint FB pages and whatnot. I only wish to community with one person at a time and I don't need another human that I don't know spying on my written comments. I have an expectation of privacy, so don't do that. That fact that your romantic partner is a control freak is your problem, not mine.

It's a new fad amongst the

It's a new fad amongst the overwhelming bevy of psychologists (doesn't anyone want to be a lawyer any more?) to harp on social media as the Big Bad Brand New Lurking Sex Evil that the Earnestly-Seeking-A-Paycheck Mental Health Professionals must take charge of. And did we mention it's about sex?! That always sells. And tech is such an easy target. It can't defend itself since it's just machines. Hmm ... psychologists arguing with machines now. Sounds about right :)

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