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8 of Psychology’s Greatest Books from the Classics to Today

If you’re looking for great reads in psychology, the possible list may seem almost endless. These selection of 8 great reads narrows it down for you, and may inspire you to form your own list of all-time psychology winners. Read More

8 of Psychology’s Greatest Books from the Classics to Today

What about Dorothy Rowe's Beyond Fear - simple straight forward common sense

I think I'll look into buying

I think I'll look into buying some of these. Though one question, why is The Neurotic Personality Of Our Time (International Library of Psychology) by Karen Horney so costly? On Barns and Nobel its about $200 + and on Amazon just to rent it is $63. I find these prices outrageous.

Thanks for the Recomendations

I agree that the Jung volume is well worth reading. I think I'll re-read that and start on a couple of the other ones.

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