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Why It’s So Easy to Talk to an Introvert

Despite the general belief that people high in introversion are difficult to talk to, they may actually be the easiest. If you’re in need of someone to provide you with support and understanding, you may find that the introvert is your best bet. Read More

But I don't want people to talk to me. I'm an introvert.

I enjoy in-depth conversations about subjects which interest me and then I talk as much as the other person. I don't want to be subjected to a monologue about a personal situation unless its happening to someone I care about. Then I listen because I want to help and if that involves listening to the whole problem explained in great detail, I will. It will exhaust me but I will do it for them and try to be helpful or just supportive. If someone who is not a close friend wants to tell me about a relationship issue in great detail and about what someone I don't know said about someone else I don't know and what they really meant by it, I will make an excuse to leave very quickly. I had always thought it was my introversion that makes me very easily drained, resentful and bored by being talked at but energised by an equal conversation which interests me. Maybe not.

Speaking of levels of closeness..

It is shown, and proven that introverts tend to have fewer, but more trustworthy friends. Extroverts has those too, of course. But introverts usualy only stick to them, and their enviroments.

I feel like I am a bit lucky on my intro/extro sides. I'm tipping more on the introversion and it's the intro side of me I enjoy and gain inner motivation from. So whenever I see people speaking of something personal I usualy go extroverted to look a bit less interested in what he/she is saying.

I consider myself an

I consider myself an introvert. I am not excesively proud of it, but I am at peace with the way I am. I have been able to accomplish many things such landing a great job (at a Library, were quiet is perfect!) and meeting a great man and married him. Our 5-year-old daughter is my voice at social gatherings. People come to me, from students to adults, to confide me their things. I am a listener and I am also at peace with that. I consider myself wise.

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