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Is It Time to Ban the “B” Word?

Heading up a team of female celebrities, Sheryl Sandberg launched the “Ban Bossy” campaign to help girls and women feel more comfortable about being leaders. Research on teen girls provides support for this campaign’s potential to remove the stigma from this unfortunate term and help girls feel better about leadership, and themselves. Read More

Let's Not Ban Bossy

First of all, "bossy" and "leader(ship)" are distinct concepts. Bossy is an adjective that typically describes people (read: men AND women) who like to order people around for the sake of it, and possibly a sense of superiority. That's not good leadership. It's perfectly possible for a so-called "leader" to be bossy. In this sense, it's better to teach girls (and boys) the difference between being bossy and being a leader. The word, "bossy," can; therefore, clarify what it means to be a leader.

Secondly, what does the act of banning a word say to girls? It says that the word is dangerous to their well-being; that they're too weak to handle it, which is why you want to get rid of it. Yikes! That can't be good for their self-esteem. More than anything, girls need to learn how to deal with harsh words - that's a natural occurrence with intense competition; something they'd undoubtedly encounter if they want to pursue the C-suite.

Can we ban the A word?

Alimony? I am all for it.

so fragile

Wow. So Sandberg is CEO of a major company, but she is so brittle and fragile that she threatened by mild name-calling. The B word. Not 'bitch,' or 'bastard,' but 'bossy.' She is so threatened that her response is to ban a word.

If you're going to be a leader, you need to be able to take a stand. You need to make decisions and stand by them, even in the face of questions or criticism. You need to be confident enough not to be destroyed by a little word like 'bossy.' A person who is so sensitive that they can't handle being called 'bossy' (or worse) isn't much of a leader.

I happen to believe that women can be good leaders, but campaigns like this only serve to undermine confidence in women. I certainly have a lot less respect for Sandberg now.

Bossy boss Sandberg bosses everyone into stop calling her bossy?

You really can't make such childish "emperor has no clothes" stupidity up.

What sort of über twit totalitarian moron seriously proposes bannishing speech or the ideas behind it?

Bannish Sandberg instead! We could do that, couldn't we?

Let's Ban Bossy Women...

and Men. The definition of "bossy" is "inclined to domineer : dictatorial" from m-w.com. This is not a desirable thing. Knowledgeable, assertive leadership on the other hand is a good thing. So instead of doing what the Liberal's do and try to ban words and change the meaning of words, why don't we just teach women and men to behave well instead? Of course if Sandberg intends to be a domineering, dictatorial leader I have a good 4-letter word that starts with "C" for her instead of bossy!

Women are earning more

Women are earning more advanced degrees and taking over more professional jobs than men. I doubt they're terrified of being called bossy. They're too busy getting things done.

Leadership is defined through

Leadership is defined through ACTION and RESULTS. Simply TELLING others you are in-charge, or organizing groups for the sake of organizing groups is what is seen as 'bossy'. Unfortunately, the PROCESS is not as important as the RESULTS. Many women I work with, who do make up the majority of my profession, get easily thrown off the objective by the process, or focusing so much on the minutiae of the steps involving the process. I feel bad because often they become frustrated when the results aren't more successful, but I am a huge believer in getting the results met, regardless of the type of process used to get these results. Of course, life is not always this clear-and-cut, but in the workplace especially, it is the results that matter most, and not how the results were reached.

Many women I know (and men too of course) really do not understand the idea of ACTIONS leading to RESULTS, and this includes just that: Less TALK, more ACTIONS and RESULTS. Even I have difficulty with this at times.

THerefore, the idea of 'bossy' being taken away should never even be part of the thought process. Just DO and BE more... Obviously I am being general and mean no offense to any women or men :)

Trying to ban words is pretty

Trying to ban words is pretty bossy in my books.

I want a T-shirt that says " I AM BOSSY" on the front

and on the back I want it to say;

DO NOT "lean in"...


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