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Ten Ways to Tell if You’re a Narcissist

When it comes to narcissism, you may be good at sensing the characteristic traits in others, but can you turn the mirror onto yourself, so to speak? These 10 key features will help you pick out, and possibly change, your narcissistic quirks. Read More

My result

Hmm, I am not a narcissist. Maybe I would have more professional success if had more narcissistic traits?!

Is narcissism a personality

Is narcissism a personality disorder or a hereditary issue? Does being raised by narcissists increase your odds of being one yourself? And are there other personality issues that could masquerade as narcissism? For instance, regarding competitiveness, you could just as easily make the case that someone who is easily aroused does so because either they feel inadequate and need to prove themselves, or that they assume they're better and are participating to confirm that belief.

Almost all of these points

Almost all of these points apply to one of my friends who particularly upsets me because of his selfishness. Apparently it is much more deep-seated than plain old selfishness, however. It explains so much of his behavior. Maybe I will accidentally on purpose leave this near him and see if he gets the message.

Best Explanatiion Ever!

My son suffers from Narccistic Personality disorder as he was tested by Wesler. I passed this on to him it gives me hope you can improve and change. As you say we all have a little narcissism but he has to extreme and it's wreaking havoc on his life. So thanks for your great article and I'll continue to follow you. His birthday is approaching, I think I'm getting him a subscription to psychology Today.

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