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Is Red the Color of Sexual Desire?

Claims about the sexual lure of the red dress suggest that there’s something hard-wired in men that makes them lust after a “lady in red.” However, studies that contrast biological with cultural explanations reveal that the story isn’t quite so simple. Read More

Agree..long live the woman in red!

Dr. Krauss,

Enjoyed your post. I'm an American but have lived in both Europe and New Zealand for the last two decades. In both places, the overwhelming color of choice is black. It has been since..well..forever. It is rare that anyone who dresses for a night out doesn't dress in black. But as someone who grew up with color, frankly, I get really sick of it. When I go back to the States, I love to see the women in all different colors and yes, a lady in red is very sexy. Something we never out grow...Thank God!

Yep, right with you there

It's very depressing actually. People look drab and miserable, and black is a very unflattering colour - sure, it might make you look slim but it also ages you and can wash you out. I made a conscious choice to never buy any black clothes so now my wardrobe is very colourful and cheery and I feel the same way! (It does require more colour co-ordination though.)

Black is also the official sports team colour and appears in most sports team names in NZ - All Blacks, Black Ferns, Black Sticks, Black Sox, Black Caps etc. We have one of the highest suicide rates in the world, I wonder if there's a link?

Red stands out against almost any background

So maybe that is why anyone who wants to be noticed will wear it. And why Stop signs and stop lights are red.
And why the British redcoats were at a disadvantage on the battlefield against revolutionary soldiers wearing blue or brown.
But also why a woman wearing red may have an advantage being noticed against a background of other women wearing black.

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