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Your Face’s Sex-Typed Messages

Our faces are perhaps our most important social cue. We judge, and are judged, by our facial appearance. You can’t control the face you were born with, but you can control the impression you create. What’s more, your face may also provide vital cues to your attitudes, opinions, and beliefs. Read More

'Based entirely on the

'Based entirely on the computer program, the results showed a greater sex-typicality score for Republican than for Democratic women. In other words, the faces of Republican House members were, objectively speaking, more typically feminine than the faces of Democratic women'

Erm... that's quite a leap, going from 'based on the computer program' to 'objectively speaking'. After all, those computers were programmed to judge faces according to a set of rules, someone must have chosen the parameters which make up a 'feminine' face. In my opinion this isn't objective at all.
Sure, the computerprogram applies those rules mechanically to whichever photograph is input, but that doesn't make the process objective, does it?

Re: Based entirely on the

It actually was "objective" in the eense that the computer generated a morphed version of the average feminine face, so it wasn't an actual face. Therefore, there was no subjectivity involved in determining what was feminine. Thank you for your comment, and I hope this helped!


Have any studies been done with men? I would definitely guess that more androgynous-looking faces of both men and women might be associated with being a Democrat, whereas more sex-typical faces are associated with the Republican Party.


Never mind, didn't read carefully enough. Looks like men were included in the study.


I agree with Samantha Bee,the fact that this study was even done or that anyone deemed it important is extremely problematic. I am constantly disappointed by the apparent lack of academic merit on this site. I also agree with the commenter that points out that there really cannot be an objective determination of the femininity of a face. The "scientists" should thank heaven that someone was willing to pay money for them to fuss around with this meaningless pseudo-scientific crap.

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