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Get in Touch With Your Hidden Narcissist

Most of us have a healthy dose of narcissism, protecting us from depression, anxiety, and loneliness. Two simple tests of self-esteem can help you determine whether you're on the healthy or unhealthy side of the equation. Read More

Brag on Yourself

So often we feel pride in our accomplishments, but also feel it tactless and fatheaded to express that pride, that joy, that sense of self-satisfaction. However, I imagine it’s important that we genuinely acknowledge our own worth, the things that make us worthy of life, love, respect … perhaps even awe.

Recently, I created a blog called “Brag” — a forum in which visitors may anonymously brag on their accomplishments without fear of being judged. There, folks have a chance to beam, a chance to internalize and revel in their good works.

This project means a lot to me; we have to learn how to be honest with ourselves, to own our strengths as passionately as we own our screw-ups, to allow ourselves to a self-appointed pat on the back.

Just as the quote on the blog’s sidebar reads: “I cannot agree with those who rank modesty among the virtues. To the logician all things should be seen exactly as they are, and to underestimate one’s self is as much a departure from truth as to exaggerate one’s own powers.”

–-Sherlock Holmes in “The Greek Interpreter”

I hope y’all will visit.



I read the instructions for the self-tests a few times and concluded that it could have benefited from a little more clarity, or in the vernacular WTF!

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Susan Krauss Whitbourne, Ph.D., is a Professor of Psychology at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Her latest book is The Search for Fulfillment.


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