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Why Sticks Are Good For Kids

A lot of parents automatically ban sticks at the playground. But this kind of play can be great for children's creativity and physical expression. Here's how-- and why it's dangerous to assume, in this digital age, that nature is dangerous. Read More


I'm all for nature, outside play, and getting dirty. However, I have to assume that the author has never had another child smack her child in the face with a stick? I know someone that lost sight in one of their eyes during harmless childhood play. How about a little common sense? Eyes are precious.

I definitely agree. Also, I

I definitely agree. Also, I run in to a lot of moms who are against getting dirty. Just this morning we were at the park and I heard a mom tell her daughter not to walk in the grass because there were bugs and spiders and snakes. Really??! We spend as much time as we can outside exploring, and my toddler loves sticks, rocks, dirt, ants, toads, etc.

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