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Money Issues? They're "All in Your Head"

Money Issues? They're "All in Your Head." Read More

Financial Recovery

Financial Recovery by author Karen McCall is a great read and also addresses the emotional aspect of your money troubles.

(Oh look at them. They got money to burn. They must think they are high and mighty. They think they are better than everyone else.)

Does what I have said above sound familiar? I'm pretty sure if someone hasn't said that their self, they have heard it from someone else.

That book is really good at addressing the shame people feel about their money. Take a look at it on Amazon. I have it on my kindle and highly recommend it.

You did a wonderful thing bringing the emotional aspect of money to peoples attention here on PT. I hope some lives are changed for the better because of you. :)

Reply to Financial Recovery

Thanks for your thoughtful comment and for reading my post. Sounds like an interesting book!

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