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I feel like. No wait, I don't feel like, I know, I can take every single thing you wrote and switch the word he for the word she and all of it still ring true.

Stop being so gender specific. The problem you speak of is universal.
Have you ever heard the phrase "Nice guys finish last"?

It's a popular phrase because it is true. Comedy is also funny because it is true and no one wants to admit it.

Why must you add to the gender bashing by being so gender specific. We all know that women are capable of everything you write about. Not just capable of it, but just as guilty of it as men are.

Now I am going to put on my flame suit!

Actually it's worse than that.

I wonder what orifice she extracted that from. It's all projection, mixed with common/familiar worn out tired old relationship object tropes. I.e., how does she know? How could she know? Psychics, sheesh...

Thanks for writing.

Thanks for writing.

Thank you for writing. Well

Thank you for writing. Well said and point taken. You are absolutely right.y apologies.

Valerie -- marriage is a

Valerie -- marriage is a failed institution, at least in the US. Maybe a better question is why women are hellbent to marry, no matter what. Maybe you could remind those determined damsels that for them to have a husband, another human being has to cooperate. If a guy doesn't want to sign over his life to some chick, so what? Lincoln freed the slaves. It's time someone freed love from the grasping strangling clutches of the bridezilla marriage industry.

Hi, Thank you for reading my

Hi, Thank you for reading my post and posting your thoughtful comments.

Valerie -- it's rather

Valerie -- it's rather disingenuous to go back and change your post to remove your gender stereotypes AFTER comments have been made. Makes you look like a typical lying female.

To Anonymous

I'm sorry you see it as disingenuous or lying. I thought the comment was important enought to warrant making a change and chose to integrate it into the post as an improvement, not a lie. But thanks for commenting.

About The Misunderstanding

I think anonymous overreacted and acted very disrespectfully, to say the least, to your update of the article.

In general, however, it is considered good blog etiquette to acknowledge commenters if you use their suggestions to improve an article--either by replying to the comment with something like, "good point! I will incorporate this into my main post" or by adding a sentence to the end of your blog saying something like "I edited this article after one of the commenters helpfully pointed out that I should make it less gender specific."

Thank you, Anonymous Andy.

I am new to this blogging thing, and appreciate your suggestions. Thank you!

I take that back; you did nothing wrong.

Oops, I missed the comment you made to Anonymous in which you acknowledged that he made a good point and apologized for the oversight.

I retract my first post. Anonymous is just being yet another angry, hateful internet commenter.

The number one reason why men

The number one reason why men aren't getting married is Divorce. every man knows atleast one man (either a father, a brother, a cousin or a close friend) whose life has been completely destroyed by the aftermath of divorce. Many men are suffering from Post-traumatic divorce disorder. Until divorce laws are changed in the United states many men will continue to be single


Please women suffer the same problem also. Its not just men!!

Thanks for your comment.

Thanks for your comment. Divorce can be a traumatic experience for either or both parties.

In my situation, I normally

In my situation, I normally get to know a woman and then when I feel comfortable enough with them, I tell them about my medical issues. I have epilepsy. On 2 occasions, the women have basically told me I should live my life relegated to the context of my medical condition. So if that’s the reception I will get from romantic interests, I will just stay single. the "adopt a worry wart/become a neurology prof"process/ listen to a person tell me how I should live my life is discouraging. it kills the mood. so I will just stay single.


Thanks for reading and for commenting on my post. I can certainly understand your experience.

I totally understand this and

I totally understand this and I think that the Dr. was right the first time. As someone who only dates if I see a long-term compatibility, I have noticed FAR more men with this mentality than women. She nailed it when talking about men who delight in 20 year old women noticing them in the club instead of waking up because they are near 40 years old and getting out of there and meeting an intelligent, older and mature woman. Also, I have met many men who have chased me for several months and when, finally, I return some attention, they wanted nothing at all... just to prove that they could have me if they wanted.

Most of it comes down to one thing: today's men in their 30s are immature. The college mentality of getting everything from a woman but giving her nothing has not left their minds. They will not settle or marry anyone until they grow up.

The bad thing about it: The women lose every time. These types of men usually get into their 50s and some silly 20 year old woman actually does marry them and the immature men still get the last laugh.

Until Judgement Day...


Thank you for responding to my post. I appreciate what you've added to the discussion.

Thank you Dr.G......What

Thank you Dr.G......What these men/women that cant get over their X wife/husband, dont realize the big picture. WIDOW BENEFITS.....these men/females that are lost and full of hatred of the X, dont realize....even if the X remarries and the other DOESNT...the X will still benefit!!

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