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Find Beauty in Brokenness

How do we find good in bad times?

You can find beauty in the midst of brokenness, but you may need to expand your understanding of beauty to recognize it.

Beauty pleases the senses. Often we think about the physical and visual senses for what we find beautiful. But many other senses connect to beauty, too. A sense of compassion and wonder. A sense of trust in the face of vulnerability. A sense of goodness.

A moment of beauty gives us a glimpse into something better, something nearing perfection; not perfection in terms of human constructions of physical beauty, but a glimpse of creation as it was meant to be.

A moment of beauty connects us to something outside of ourselves. We become part of something bigger and more important.

There is beauty in the healing of broken relationships.

There is beauty in forgiveness.

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There is beauty in hope and in a spirit that refuses to give up.

There is beauty in helping others you don’t even know.

There is beauty in human compassion and generosity.


Look for beauty even in hard times.


Nancy Berns, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor of Sociology at Drake University and the author of Closure: The Rush to End Grief and What It Costs Us.


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