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Interesting article. I'm

Interesting article. I'm wondering, pertinent to my own interests, if the same decision fatigue effect happens if people are choosing among things that they might reasonably buy bunches of. We typically only buy one jar of jam or sports car at a time, but you can't say the same thing of other consumables like books, music, video games, clothes, etc. Has there been any research along those lines?

Don't SuperSize Me, Please.

We avoid those All-You-Can-Eat Buffets like the plague. If necessary, we do one plateful and then retreat to a far corner. All a part of the still-prevalent belief the more = better.

I chose a large salad with bits of chicken instead of breaded pulled pork last night. And I feel So much better about that choice (sorry, but a little self- pat on the back is very effective).

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