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Soda Warning Labels: Rated "F" for Futility

“Experts” say put warning labels on sodas and sugary drinks but such proclamations show how out of touch they are with the realities facing persons struggling to lose weight. Read More

“The causes of obesity and

“The causes of obesity and diabetes are multifactorial and more complicated than simply drinking soda.” Precisely. These conditions are, indeed, complex, and influenced by myriad factors – ranging from genetics and inactivity to overall diet. That’s why singling out one source of calories won’t make a measurable difference whatsoever. For instance, here are the facts on how regulatory approaches have failed to produce positive changes for health, and could, in fact, do the exact opposite: Also, as pointed out here, what we drink is a personal choice and should reflect our own individual circumstances. Cookie-cutter regulations are simply not the way to go, and will only prove counterproductive.
-American Beverage Association

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Martina M. Cartwright, Ph.D., R.D., is an adjunct professor of Nutritional Sciences at the University of Arizona and an independent biomedical consultant.


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