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A “Normal” Day for a Kid in a Sugar-Saturated World

Most parents want to feed their children well-balanced, nutritional meals and snacks that will support healthy growth and development, however, many food and beverage products on the market today that appear okay for kids contain high amounts of sugar. Read More

I have a question: Is all the

I have a question: Is all the sugar in your list added sugar e.g. in the low fat milk, or is some of it the sugars (carbohydrates) intrinsic to the food? If the former I am amazed at how much added sugar there is in 'American' food and is it not possible to sub. For example instead of a granola bar a small pack of raw nuts, sugar free cereal, no added sugar peanut butter etc or are these items just not available?

In response to your question,

In response to your question, not all of the sugar listed on the menu here is added sugar. For example, the sugar from carrots is naturally occurring. However, the number of added sugars is still very high here, reflecting the American diet. Fortunately, it is possible to substitute these sources of added sugar in our diets with some of the alternatives you've suggested!

Desperation Strategy

This is why I have resorted to paying my kids when they say "no thank you" to the sugar overload at school:

Thank you for sharing this

Thank you for sharing this article!

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