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Why Diets Fail

We've all been there – January 1st marks the first day to get back in shape, start eating healthily, or fit back into our pre-baby jeans. And we've all been here – February 1st and realizing that many of these changes haven't stuck. Why do our diet attempts frequently fail and how can we make real, long lasting changes in our diet? Read More

Interesting article. I agree

Interesting article. I agree with some points but not others. There are biophysical elements to diets failing too.
But the biggest element is WILLPOWER. Which you can train.

Theres an awesome book on this called PATH TO WILLPOWER. Its well worth checking out, at;

Thanks for the book

Thanks for the book suggestion. It is true that while aspects of our natural biology and addiction may make diets particularly difficult to stick to, commitment and dedication are also very important whenever we want to initiate and maintain change.

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Nicole Avena, Ph.D. is a research neuroscientist and an expert in the fields of nutrition, diet and addiction.


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