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The "Controversy"

It's been funny to watch all those who have become highly visible in their disapproval of the movie on the basis that it promotes the homosexual agenda spout their interpretations. Most of the ones I've seen don't even mention the one scene that has spurred some debate among people who actually paid attention to the movie and might give them some degree of credibility to their argument (I personally don't think it does give them credibility if the scene was showing something about gays because I have yet to receive my copy of the "gay agenda" yet). Many speculate the man in the sauna, when Oaken introduces his family, is Oaken's partner and the others are their adopted children. Those who disagree say that the woman on the right is Oaken's wife, and the rest are the children.

I'd say judge for yourself:

I think It is not about

I think It is not about lesbians, but I think Elsa can symbolised lesbian... She has no boyfriend, we don' t know about her much. We can see, she is diffrent than other people, she has something inside her heart, which distinguishes her from other. They called her a witch. She escape to her own world, to be alone, because she' s afraid of society. She' s also afraid of that her family can hate her. She didn ' t suppose that Anna can love her so hard with her diffrences. I think that creators of FROZEN did this deliberately, that Elsa can be a symbol of Homosexuality. But this is fable for children, so they couldn' t exhibit it.

Yeah, exactly

As you say... she is an isolated teenager, who feels different than other people, gets made fun of, and has trouble opening up to others... and, if YOU want, that can be a symbol for homosexuality. The creators clearly made it so that you could think that if you wanted to. Or, if you want, she secretly wants to be a country music singer, and no one she knows likes country music. Or maybe pretty much anything else. The movie is so popular, in part, because the themes are so generic.

Tough to Say

Nice article. My takeaway from Frozen (after watching it with my three oldest boys) was, "That was kind of bizarre." It didn't have a normal Disney or Pixar story arc. All of the scenes with Elsa locked away and isolated were bewildering. Definitely a statement on overreacting if nothing else.

Does it apply to the so-called "Gay Agenda". I don't know. That interpretation might explain the otherwise inexplicable turns in the movie -- i.e. they happened because the writers were trying to make a specific point and sacrificed story adhesion to do so. There was definitely a lot of sacrificing, like when that super cool, friendly and responsible fiance guy turns cold-blooded murderer without any warning. Where did that come from? Does that happen often?

You would be hard pressed to make the full "Gay Agenda" interpretation. Elsa's powers really were dangerous (not just perceived to be so), they froze and entire town, and threatened people with razor sharp ice pikes and death by snow creature. Not exactly a poster child for the lesbian community in my mind. Or maybe the writers are saying small misunderstanding and isolation can cause bad things to happen, but again, that's a general statement, and not limited to the question of homosexuality.

I just thought it was a "meh" movie.


Woe to the ones who look deeper into things than they should! Give me a break! So, what you're saying is that a girl can't be shut out from society without being a Lesbian? The movie sucked, but other than that, I believe Disney tried something different by making the love of two sisters being enough to break the spell. By saying it's about lesbians, is also stating that it's about incest. If you dig deep enough, you can make anything appear as you want it to.

Little bit lesbian but I do

Little bit lesbian but I do love that movie so much:) I love Olaf and quotes said by him>> here are some of them

Sometimes a cigar is just a

Sometimes a cigar is just a movie with a profound anti-patriarchy, pro-feminist, lesbian subtext designed to appeal to little girls.


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