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Thought Reversals: Simple Trick for Getting Unstuck

"If he didn't do...If I didn't feel...Then I would..." Start at the other end of the problem equation -- take action to eliminate the roadblocks to your goals. Read More


This is brilliant! Thanks for sharing this helpful trick with us.

If your problem is your

If your problem is your attitude to a given problem, yes. In the case of genuinely difficult problems this potentially belittles the challenge faced. Of course is it never easy to know whether a problem is genuinely hard one or not so I suppose you should always try what is being recommended here and then, if that doesn’t work, you can start to look deeper to see how the problem can be broken down in order to be overcome. I think very often you don’t need to actually understand the cause of a problem to solve it you just need to understand what keeps it in place.

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