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10 Tips for Staying Anxious

Being committed to staying anxious all the time can actually be harder than it looks. If you really want to keep it up, you need the discipline of a Jedi warrior, the ability to drill down into the anxious brain. Here are the essential tips for feeding the anxiety dragon. Read More

Hello Robert Thank you for

Hello Robert

Thank you for your post.

I have to say that your advice works! I have been following your suggestions and am beginning to feel more and more anxious as the minutes go by. And the strange thing is that the more anxious I feel, the easier I find it to embody your suggestions. I am entering this tightly woven, recursive loop of distorted thinking, hypervigilance, heightened fight-flight response, leading to greater heightened distorted thinking, more acute hypervigilance, and heightened arousal generally, each spiral getting tighter and tighter.

I'm now going to reread your post in case there are a few suggestions I may have missed which can further accelerate this process.

With anxious thanks and panicky gratitude.

Anxiety warrior

Thanks Mike for your kind comments. It appears to me that you may have what it takes to achieve the ultimate goal. Good luck in your quest!

Robert Taibbi- 10 tips for staying anxious

This is entertaining and a great slant on all the self help out there.
I believe you should follow up each year or so by adding 10 more tips.

Suggestions for book titles as well:

Sweat Everything

Worry- the way to Nirvanah

I Hate My neighbor

The Art of Being Selfish - Take it with you when you go.

U.F.O.s - Unbelievably False Observations.

et more

I've been so anxious since

I've been so anxious since yesterday, that I only slept for 2 hours last night. And this text fueled the anxiety, because I understood what you wanted to say and I already know these things, but it's not going away, and I think I need to read it a couple more times to check if I didn't miss something important.

Damn, this is making me even more anxious.

Another tip is to avoid going

Another tip is to avoid going outdoors where sunshine, fresh air and beautiful flowers and trees might relax you.

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Bob Taibbi, L.C.S.W. has 40 years of clinical experience. He is author of 6 books and over 300 articles and provides training nationally and internationally.


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