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Lean, Long Muscles at the Barre

With a promise to build the long, lean muscles of a ballerina, Barre classes have become one of the latest fitness trends. Do these workouts really work? Is it possible to turn out looking like a ballerina in a fitness class? Read More


There is no substitute of a good health. Yes to keep fit you should eat clean but now people want one step forward. They want to achieve their desired level of fitness. They want to shape their body according to their choice. Some want just to be muscular while others want to show it in front of others. Personally i believe that muscle building is something else than regular daily exercise.

Thanks so much for this post!

Thanks so much for this post! I'm ready to go hit the gym!

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Pirkko Markula, Ph.D.,
is a professor of socio-cultural studies of physical activity at the University of Alberta, Canada.


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