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From Mindless Followers to Mindful Exercisers

Many exercisers are looking for alternatives to conventional fitness forms such as aerobics or weight training. Mindful fitness is advertised as one such alternative. What does being mindful about one's exercise mean? Read More

would be a good sign if....

We could use more as references people who actually practice mindfulness at a high level instead of people who just research it.

We seem to love data and insight and enough change to stay reassured in who we already are. We don't seem to like change (myself included) to actually change ourselves.

We are a society (myself included) that confuse words from action but convinced we know the difference when we obviously don't.

Even when we are "mindful" most of us are actually not fully in our bodies when we exercise, including trained athletes. So for physical exercise the first step would be to be grounded and fully in. I am a poor student because I forget to do that 95% of the time, year after year. Hope to improve.

Less research, more practice

The first step

will not be being grounded and "all in" - but to focus on cultivating the HABIT of exercise. Only when one masters the habit of needing to exercise will you then become grounded and fully "all in".

Once you feel the need to do it as part of your daily routine (like flossing one's teeth and other healthy habits), once you have mastered the mental proclivity to take the path of least resistance to NOT do it, then you can become "grounded" and get more out of it.

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Pirkko Markula, Ph.D.,
is a professor of socio-cultural studies of physical activity at the University of Alberta, Canada.


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