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Mother's Day

In my life, every day is Mother's Day.

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It's Complicated: The Many Moods of Mother's Day

Your relationship with Mom full of conflicting emotions? There's always the richness of feeling to celebrate.

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Mother's Day is once again around the corner, and I hope this weekend finds you celebrating and enjoying time with your loved ones.

My mother was just in town for a visit, and there couldn't have been a more timely reminder of how blessed I am to have such a terrific woman, mentor, and friend in my life.  As I said to a girlfriend at lunch the other day, my mom made the extraordinary normal... She always believed in me, never doubted me, and always knew- even when I didn't- that I could and would accomplish whatever I set my mind and heart to.

Here's a song I wrote for my mom a number of years back. I hope you enjoy it, and that it brings love and gratitude to your heart today, on Mother's Day, and every day. To all mothers everywhere, this one's for you:

Mother's Day

I love you, mom.


Jennifer Hamady specializes in emotional issues that interfere with optimal self-expression and is the author of The Art of Singing. more...

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