Finding True Refuge

Meditation, emotional healing, spiritual awakening

From Self-Judgment to Compassion

No longer imprisoned by constantly feeling like something was wrong with him, Daniel was beginning to notice the world in new ways—other students seemed more friendly; the acres of forest were an inviting, magical sanctuary; the dharma talks stirred up a childlike fascination and wonder. He felt energized and somewhat bewildered by the fresh sense of possibility... Read More

Everyone Should Know Buddhusm

If you can grasp the principles of Buddhusm you have
the foremost component for happiness.
Once you know that DESIRE is the problem, you won't insist
on specific outcomes and won't impede your ability to be

Very True!

A sincere gesture of care to the wounded places bringing about radical transformation simply shows that our powerful intention (to take care) in alignment with will (the inert power) are all that works! Only such a combination can convert suffering into compassion that eradicates our multifaceted roles of ego: judge, adversary, merciful, or victim.

Because compassion is not being merciful, it is egoless as well as discrimination less. That's the highest moral value one can have!

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Tara Brach is a Buddhist teacher, author and clinical psychologist.


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