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The Olympics: 5 Things You Can Learn About Talent & Practice

Elite sports competition generates a lot of discussion and debate. Much is bar stool yapping about who was the best ever but some is more serious about topics that include the role of talent and practice in elite performance. So, here are a few thoughts about talent and practice that you might ponder during the Olympics. Read More

A PGA golfer once said that

A PGA golfer once said that to get to a 7 handicap was easy--it was those remaining strokes that are really tough. It looks like Mr. 10,000 hours is just at the beginning of his ride.

(And on a small technical note: handicaps above 0 are "minus," and those below 0, i.e., the pros, are "plus." The reason being that a "plus" handicapped golfer has to add his strokes to his final score, and a "minus" subtracts them, because handicaps are used to level the scores of golfers of differing skill levels, not to reduce one's score.)

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