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Leaving the Nest: A Father's View

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Great Article! It really got

Great Article!
It really got me thinking!
Just a thought:
Is it a possibility that part of the parents do not teach their children how to deal with money in order to keep them in the position of someone that still needs their advice and authority?
You have mentioned the advice of how families that keep money secret and let their children believe that there are no such things as money difficulties; what about those that some what are the opposite.
What about all these parents that preach that money are never enough and banks do not deserve to be trusted and meanwhile fail to introduce their children in the financial world of possibilities?
Isn’t our parents’ opinion the first to form our relation to everything that surrounds us?
And isn’t the process of personal growth to identify and overcome all un-healthy practices and believes inherited by our parents?
Kind Regards!

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