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Conditions Linked to and Confused With Panic Disorder

Hypoglycemia and mitral valave prolapse are two conditions that are associated with and/or confused with panic disorder. How to keep them straight. Read More

Oh, I'm sorry, is insulin

Oh, I'm sorry, is insulin resistance a legitimate enough cause for you to believe one might actually suffer hypoglycemia?

Low blood sugar

As I made clear in the blog, there is such a thing as hypoglycemia. It appears in diabetes when there is an overdose of insulin. Transient hypoglycemia occurs following alcohol ingestion, certain tumors, and in a variety of other medical situations. For that reason, true hypoglycemia should always be investigated.

I'm assuming that mad

I'm assuming that mad "celebrity" diets should are also implicated.

Ha! should have read that

Ha! should have read that through a bit better before saving :)

The word "should", shouldn't be there ;-)

The low to negligible sugar intake of these fad diets, leading to low blood sugar, would cause an internal biological panic. This would then lead to hypervigilance and hyperarousal and the cognitive misinterpretation that the cause of the "danger" is an external one, as opposed to an internal one. The external environment would be constantly being scanned for the cause of the "danger".

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Fredric Neuman, M.D. is the Director of the Anxiety and Phobia Center at White Plains Hospital.


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