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Hate Mail: A Window into… What?

Some examples of hate mail sent to me and others. Some hate mail is funny. Some is not so well written. An example of well-written hate mail. Why people write hate mail. Read More

I read your blog because I am

I read your blog because I am fascinated by your arrogance.
And it reminds me why I do not use western medicine.

That letter was not for you

I apologize for sending you that hate mail. It was, in fact, not intended for you. I had mistaken you for a Dr. Frederick Newman, who is actually a DOD researcher who had been working on some sort of super soldier program. I was going through a fairly dark time in my life because I had been abducted by Dr. Newman and subjected to testing against my will. He injected me with some compound and exposed me to lethal doses of delta radiation. For the next several months, I found that anytime I was not angry I would transform into a gigantic, blue, slug-like creature. However, I can report that my condition has improved, and I apologize for the confusion caused by my error.

Fortunately for the human race, . . .

. . . people with such hair triggers to anger are killing themselves (

And the angermongers on television and radio are helping to send them to their just reward.


What an amazingly *not-hateful-at-all* attitude you have there.

Yea, verily!

The hate mail thou citeth is feeble indeed. Given such a target, why, surely anyone with a modicum of wit could have insulted yon doctor far better any number of times.

One might have assayed an adoelscent bit of hate mail. "Hey Doc, the Sixties called, they want their tie back."

Or the personal. "What kind of doctor can't afford a photographer that could make him look halfway decent?"

The political: "I used to be pro-life, but Neuman was so persuasive, I now wish his mother had ed him!"

The SNL approach: "Dr Neuman is smart, funny and insightful. NOT!"

The epistolatory approach: "Dear Dr. Neuman, you're a VERY attractive man. Love, Helen Keller."

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Fredric Neuman, M.D. is the Director of the Anxiety and Phobia Center at White Plains Hospital.


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