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"overlook a spouse having

"overlook a spouse having worked as a porn star, even a gay porn star" --aw, come on. How is gay porn worse than other porn types? Is it because you're assuming it's a straight couple dealing with one spouse working in gay porn? That would certainly be two problems to overcome ("OMG my spouse is in porn" + "OMG is my spouse the right orientation for me") but that's dependent on the heteronormative assumption that we are discussing straight couples. The other way gay porn could be worse is if there's some kind of moral judgement against gays. But either way--heteronormativity or moral judgement--please try to keep it out of your published articles.

not really a moral judgment

Many people would hesitate to marry someone who seemed to be of a different sexual orientation. It doesn't seem quite fair to characterize this as homophobia, when it's so logical to suspect that a man who is attracted to other men is likely to lose interest in a female partner.

I agree that when your

I agree that when your opposite-gender partner is a homosexual porn star, that is a cause for concern besides the risk of the porn star profession.

My point was that we are assuming it's opposite-gendered partners we're talking about. The same dual concern does not exist for a homosexual partnership where one partner is a homosexual porn star; in that case, only the one concern exists.

Please reread my comment more carefully. This is the reason I brought up the issue of heteronormativity.

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