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How to Marry Someone Who Is Rich

A description of the whys and wherefores—and hows—of marrying a rich person. Read More

I've thought about this

Sometimes it's tempting. I've seen (by watching friends who did this) that there are quite a few benefits. You might not have to work, you can travel, live an exciting life of no limits.
You have access to resources that others can only dream of.

But there are also negatives. Rich people, particularly men, are seen as desirable. They'll always have the option of finding someone better if they become tired of you, or just a side dish to keep their lives interesting.

Also, unless this is a person you really love, you might find out that the money isn't worth putting up with certain traits.

You'll also become a completely different person, for better or worse. Wealth seems to change people to the point where they're nothing like who they used to be.

But (sadly) I have to admit I see the appeal. It kind've depresses me, but that's just how the world works. There's a reason everyone wants to be rich deep down.

Attracting the rich

Years ago, I decided that it would be worth my while to hobnob with the monied set. So I did exactly as the author described, I got involved with a small charity that attracted the wealthy to its fundraisers.

I learned a few things. The rich like to associate with other rich people. They develop an insular group where outsiders like lawyers, investment bankers, architects and money managers are constantly trying to infiltrate. The rich grow some really thick skin and are hesitant with whom they associate. The rich can be mean and conniving if an outsider gets too aggressive.

I spent years helping with the charity, it was a good organization with a lot of good people in it. The rich people treated me well, I helped raise a lot of money and was able to help out a group of people that needed helping. I have since moved on to other projects, but to this day I am using the contacts I made within that organization. Just like everywhere else, some rich people are pretty decent solid citizens and worth knowing. My time with that organization was well spent.

After reading your article I

After reading your article I feel the strongest craving for nightingale tongues. How I wish the local deli stocked them! Boors that they are, they do not.

nice read

These days everyone's so busy, who's got time to take boating lessons if they don't enjoy boating?
I've met and dated rich men but wealth isn't that important a trait, it depends on how much money you personally need to be happy.
Thank you for these interesting articles

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