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Finding the Right Psychiatrist and/or Psychotherapist

A number of factors go into choosing a psychiatrist and/or a psychotherapist. Certain recommendations and certain warnings. Read More

one more thing to finding the right therapist

When we go to school we know that a great 1st grade teacher
will not necessarily make a great high school teacher. A great
high school teacher may not be a great University teacher.

This makes total sense to us in that context but we don't seem to believe in that much outside the educational structure.

I think that while 100 people may have the same IQ, they are really at different places of maturity and evolution.

So while some psychotherapists may be great say (for example) for people at stages 1 and 2, they are not going to be very effective (in general) for people at stages 2 and 3.

In other words, human beings are at all different places in terms of how they view and interact with the world (that's not IQ related). Therapist are in the same situation obviously.

So one of the challenges is to match the therapist/patient.

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Fredric Neuman, M.D. is the Director of the Anxiety and Phobia Center at White Plains Hospital.


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