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Ten or Twelve Reasons People Get Fat

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Finishing Your Plate

I liked most of the advice except for #4. I don't think you should force yourself to finish every last bite on your plate. On the other hand, I was raised to finish food on my plate with the understanding that there are people in the world who can't even afford to have food to eat, let alone food to waste. Apparently, North Americans already waste tons of food every year, which is costly.

After so many years of eating, you should have a good sense of how much food is "enough" (versus how much is "overboard") so you should be able to order or cook accordingly. If I have doubts about whether or not I need a second serving of a meal, then I won't even bother going for it knowing that I might not finish it.

I don't understand why you

I don't understand why you must choose between finishing the last thing on your plate and throwing it away. Why can't you save it and eat it as part of a subsequent meal?

The origins of FAT people

You write :-
"Chinese who live in China subsist on a relatively calorie poor diet & were for the most part, thin & healthy.
Their Children migrated to America & got FAT."
1:- are you sure !
2:- the Chinese in China have a nutrient rich diet.
3:- the children who migrated have a diet stripped of nutrients.
You see, people eat so as to obtain nutrients, so as to supply the body with enough energy to function & to repair it's self, continuously = 24/7.
We desperately crave sugar, chocolate, & ( coffee which has a vitamin B5 - stimulation of the adrenal glands effect on the body ) as a quick fix energy boost.
The less nutrition in our food intake the more we need to eat.


I think you are using the word "nutrition" is a somewhat idiosyncratic way. If you mean that the wish to ingest sugar is a healthy aspect of the body's seeking what it needs, I disagree. Some people date access to sugar during the last two centuries as the primary driver of the obesity and diabetes epidemics. In any case, what I was referring to was the "calorie poor" diet of the Chinese in China. It is well-documented that the generation that comes to the U.S. becomes fat.

haahahahah for the sun spots,

haahahahah for the sun spots, you hit the spot with that spot

Why Are Some People Fat and Others Are Not?

What I have always wondered is why fat people did not notice that they were getting fat and start trying to do something about it before they actually got fat. When I gain 2 pounds, I notice it and either eat less, eat better or exercise more. Then, even if I do not lose the weight I gained, at least I do not gain more. That has worked fine. So, do fat people as they were getting fat not notice? Or did they just not decide to do anything about it?

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