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Expensive Weddings, and Others.

Different examples of expensive and not so expensive weddings. Some musings about what it is all about. Read More


We spent $12,000 on our wedding, another couple we knew made sure that they spent more than anyone else throwing their party. They broke up after 5 years. We have been together over 20.

A great wedding does not a marriage make.

Entertaining read. I couldn't

Entertaining read. I couldn't agree more!

SO true!

The reason I find this article so entertaining is because this mirrors almost exactly a conversation my boyfriend and I had about engagements and weddings. I told him I didn't want a big ring because that money could be better spent paying off my college, and big rings just make women targets for theft. He said he doesn't understand what the fuss is about weddings because "It's just a party that lasts for a day". I didn't know how to explain to him that it's more than a party, and he seemed offended that I would accept anything that wasn't yellow gold.

you're right

People do what they think is expected of them. Women have these fantasies in their heads also.
But to each their own - the world would be very boring if everyone thought and did the same stuff. Some people like to spend and have a big wedding some don't. Both are OK.

Plan a wedding

Prepare a perfect plan for a wedding ceremony of your sister by listing the essential items in the shopping list, fixing a wedding venue, and inviting family and friends. Of course, the most important step will be to selecting the best bridal headpiece and gown, along with the wedding jewellery and accessories.

good read

this is literally tearing my marriage apart... this entire nonsense about lavish parties and DEBT you carry into marriage. It's ridiculous to me to spend more money than you actually have on a party and a trip. To my wife, it's "what she is owed". Must be a Californian thing, go into debt for outward appearances and then deal with bankruptcy later... now I know why this State is broke. It's full of people like this.

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