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An Argument for Internet Dating

An account of some issues that come up in the context of dating over the internet Read More

The dive bar of dive bars on the wrong side of the track next to the trailer park.

The dive bar of dive bars on the wrong side of the track next to the trailer park.

That’s how a woman I know described online dating.
Dating is like buying a home, location location location location. If you are unfortunate to be living in the burbs and are online dating you are screwed! If you are smart and have moved into a large city and are online dating life is great!
The net is just an extension and magnification of the immediate world around you.

But honestly, online dating sucks…sadly I’m stuck in the burbs….but such is life.


Internet dating for 8 years........a cesspool.

Online dating sites meant to

Online dating sites meant to made for helpful purpose. We need avoid scam site by choosing good dating site to find a perfect love match. Yes there are so many controversy about it but people around the world still getting benefits by using such sites. Thanks.

internet dating

Internet dating if you an older women is basically a waste of time. Ive been on a few dates because when over 60 even if seem and look younger, thats all you get. None of them i would want to spend another hour with,let alone another date. One, we seemed to get on very well online and i got really hopeful turned out he just wanted sex as many men do.Women sadly have a sell by date and if you are even slightly choosey at 60 plus you are doomed to being on own for ever.

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Fredric Neuman, M.D. is the Director of the Anxiety and Phobia Center at White Plains Hospital.


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