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A Weighty Matter

Is it fair for fertility specialists not to treat overweight and obese infertile women because of the increased risks to them during pregnancy and to their potential fetus? Read More

Yes, it is fair...

Yes, it is fair for fertility specialists not to treat overweight and obese women due to their risks and those of the fetus. No medical professional should be forced to take increased risk in a procedure if they are uncomfortable with it. Glenn

One sided

"In fact, body fat distribution as measured by waist circumference divided by hip circumference may be a better predictor of reproductive outcome for women than BMI." - LOL? I wonder what the waist:hip ratio a obese person has...if you can find the waist. LOL! Hahahaha!!! You are so funny!! Hahahahah.

Also you are very one sided. You keep talking about the patient but what about the doctor? What if harm did happen because of the treatment?

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Joann Paley Galst, Ph.D. is a cognitive-behavioral psychologist in New York specializing in mind-body medicine and reproductive health issues.


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