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Philosophy as Therapy

For both Martin Heidegger and Ludwig Wittgenstein, the purpose of philosophical concepts is to point us toward the path of transformation rather than to explain. Both philosophers seek to expose the illusions, sedimented in linguistic practices, that cover up our finitude and context-embeddedness. Read More

Moral responsibility

I do believe that the science of Psychology is a moral responsibility. I believe, in my opinion, that Psychology is a destiny where human behavior is learned and observed, and ultimately, healed. My interest in the field goes back decades. When my parents gave me my allowance, I didn't buy candy(never was a sugar guy). I bought books, specifically psychology books. I'm twelve years old and I'm eager to learn about this newly philosophical concept, where human behavior is explained and understood. The inspiration behind this new endeavour of mine came not from science(surprisingly), but ironically, politics.

Now psychology is more than just a science. It has evolved into more than just a philosophy, is everyday life. Is business, politics, medicine, entertainment, etc. Is conservative, but yet, liberal as well. It truly amazes me how much a field of science can change in as little as twenty years. By all accounts, natural selection has not changed. Life on other planets was as prevelant back then as it is today. That hasn't changed. Matter can be dark now, but beer hasn't changed(excluding taste). The T-Rex wasn't as fast as we thought, and now Pluto ain't even a planet(I may be the only one who wants an apology, lol). The only thing Physics gives us is more errors than answers, but psychology? Something is learned every single day. Even goes with the "Founding Father" of psychology, Sigmund Freud. That is for another discussion.

If psychology is not a moral obligation, then I don't know what is. Is more than therapy now. Arguably answers...but definitely, more questions.


First of all to say, that I just cannot believe that such a deep and thorough comentary comes from a 12 year old boy. I am positively amazed ¡¡¡ Congratulations, really, because if it true that you have 12 years of age, you will develop to be a Ken Wilber in few years. By the way philosopher (and many other things) that I strongly recommend that you read as you will love his Integral approach to all the endeavours of human being, including Politics.

I am a psychologist myself and therefore love to see that someone recognizes the superb process of a science that has surpassed Philosophy, entering in the deep analysis of the mind and its motivations, the emotions and even the body consciousness development. I am talking about Integral Psychology for sure. Because it is true that the main stream Psychology is unfortunately still sinking in the behaviour cognitivism and is only timidly opening up a Little bit with the Positive Psychology that is something that already Sócrates and Plato were proposing many centuries ago and that only now the main stream Psychology is starting to accept (with some reluctancy, though) as they are afraid of losing their status of "experimental science".

Thanks for the comment. It made me want to write here, which I never did before.

in accord

Thanks for your appreciative comment, Raquel, but why do you say "12 year old boy"?

Philosophy is cool

I completelly agree with the stance that philosophy can be used as a therapy tool. Looking at the world from different positions and comparing them is useful for creating own unique view and understanding it. For a brief summary of Freudian concepts, check my blog:


Cool indeed


philosophy as therapy - depends which mainstream

Philosophy is therapy as it will always look for truth, at least in philosophical Modernism, not Postmodernism. There may have been times that we could permit ourselves the luxury of breaking down everything humanity had painstakingly accomplished, from the separation of heaven from earth or soul from body, to the application of independent confirmation in science, justice and journalism, if not many more core human hemispheres, secluded or not from the Angstgegner that is Postmodernism, taking down the core concepts of God, Truth, Self and Reality in Nietzsche's God-is-dead, Heidegger's Nothingness, Sartre's Nihilism, Derrida's Deconstruction and Zizek's Less than Nothing. These are the Hippies, not only emerging from the 1968 cultural revolution in the West but everybody siding with Marx and Hegel, the man who attempted to bypass the central figure of Modernism in three ways: pre-Kant, revised-Kant and post-Kant. Have your pick. There is no therapeutic value in all the negativity that has emanated from this lazy endeavor of breaking down what others had built for the good of mankind. Wittgenstein's adoration for language was adopted by Social Constructionism and then abandoned because of apparent "social and moral disasters" (Shotter 2011), "backing away" (2005) "towards the edge" (2010). Those disasters must have been what cronyism instead of compassion triggers, especially when the one goes by the name of the other, letting power & politics lead while truth & ethics must follow, spinning into socioses (Van den Berg 1956) and dissociation disorders. Dialectics and politics may thrive but the humans involved do not, unless they are the top dogs for which positions their collectives have prizes to commence the risky-shifts, group-polarization and -extremization in members' minds. Cronyism may look like care projects, compassion is different. Wonder how people believed Heidegger thought about Jews, before they found out.

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