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I have to say that I consider

I have to say that I consider some of these statements about psychoanalysis to be simplifications. Freud does make use of a subject/object distinction, but utilizes it in a dynamic way that actually mirrors phenomenology in many ways. Merleau-Ponty named Freud a proto-phenomenologist in the preface to the Phenomenology of Perception. Freud also put the mind "outside" so to speak by situating it in the objects of perceived desire (see Lacan).

I will admit that Freud dogmatically upheld the notion of the objective analyst, but it was abandoned subsequently in practice (but still paid lip service to)soon after by the Jungians and Object Relations theorists. Psychoanalysis often gets a bad rap where it doesn't deserve it. What does it mean that today, humanistic psychologists take psychoanalysis's treatment of counter transference very seriously although this should be the humanists area of expertise (the relationship)?

yes and no, Ibrahim

Freud the clinical theorist was indeed a proto-phenomenologist, but Freud the metapsychologist (to whom my blog refers) was a Cartesian objectivist through and through!

Good one!

Nice limerick, Bob! Pithy.

good one


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