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A Fear Busting Formula You Can Remember!

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A New Anocronym for Fear

This is fantastic, I love it. It certainly tops the acronym False Evidence Appearing Real because it focuses you on actions out of the false evidence. Fantastic article thank you.

Thanks & a comment on your comment

Thanks, Nicola. Now the trick is to start teaching it to others so that more people will have an actual coping strategy. Appreciate the read & the comment.

Pre-emptive strikes

This article is excellent, so many helpful and simple tools. I was particularly touched by the "P" in the model. I believe half the battle to overcoming fear is preventative, or pre-emptive in nature. When we begin watching our patterns we begin to see where we get stuck and where we move forward. Writing down exactly what you will do and how when an obstacle arises takes such a weight off when it actually comes, takes the stress of decision making (which drains our energy) off the table. And we can use that unused energy to propel forward!

The "P" in LMNOP

Thanks for the nice comment, Mala & hope you will use this tool & report back to us on its success!


The LMNOP method is so helpful for re-framing! And your article propelled me to purchase Dr. Schwartz's book, which I don't own yet. Nicely done!


Thanks & would love to hear back on your views of Dr. Schwartz's book!

Thank You

Hi Dr. Garcy. Great post! Found the link to post via Lifehacker.
Am in mid 60's & want to prepare for mental/emotional/physical challenges of the coming years. Became inspired to utilize the Navy SEAL gestalt after recently reading "Releasing the Warrior Within: Using the 7 Principles of Combat to Achieve Your Goals" by Richard M. Machowicz and "Take Control" by Michael A. Janke. Both men were Navy SEALs.
Am printing your post to add to my Navy SEALs binder.

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