Exercise and Mood

Less stress, less anxiety, less depression.

Exercise for Anxiety

Worries, panic attacks, avoidance, difficulties sleeping, upset stomachs, muscle tension, obsessions, and sweating: the symptoms of anxiety are both varied and pervasive.  Anxiety hurts relationships, decreases quality of life, curbs job attainment, and impairs social functioning.   Bad anxiety needs good treatment. Read More

exercise for anxiety

thank you Dr's Otto and Smits....and some folks that are depressed HATE exercise.
They don't even want to think of getting off the couch, let alone a prescribed 30-40min. of exercise.
Try this.
It's simple to do and can be easily used as a starter to much more.

Be well,
Lisa Byrne

I also suffer from depression

I also suffer from depression regularly and although I know, exercise would help lift my mood, I had to stop exercising due to a workout injury. So it would be a great help if you enroll in a gym in your area.

Personally, the baltimore personal trainers that I have worked with, helped me get started working out again and taught me proper exercise forms to avoid more workout injuries. They also gave me fresh workout routines to make sure I won't get tired of my fitness program, then stop, and feel depressed again. New friends in the gym help too!

I suffered from an anxiety attack

I endorse this article 100%. I suffered an anxiety attack last year, which required drastic changes in my life to recover from it. As I insisted on fighting anxiety without meds, I found that exercise was extremely beneficial. Even now, if i experience a surge of anxiety in the morning, i go on my elliptical machine for 30 min and notice my anxiety simply dissipating..

I am writing a blog about my anxiety attack and below is a link to one post that focuses on exercise and anxiety:

Jazzie, thanks for your tale.

Jazzie, thanks for your tale. Good for you to use the elliptical to help dissipate your anxiety. I found your blog helpful and the recommended book you feature as well!
Keep up the encouraging work!

Exercise, I believe, is good

Exercise, I believe, is good for everything. But I have heard cases of people that testified that exercise made their anxiety worse. For me it's a life saver and I don't go through one day without it.

What I have learned in Psychology

Anxiety leads to many misfortunes such as, poor quality of life, job loss, and social issues. Anxiety hinders family relationships, and the people around you that care for you. From my own struggle with anxiety disorder I have found that exercising helps decrease my stress, and obsessive thoughts. I liked how the article states, "that it is clear that regular leisure-time exercise can offer reliable reductions in anxiety while promoting feelings of well-being" I feel as if anxiety can be reduced from exercising from my own experience. In my psychology class we are learning that mood is a serious persistent disturbance in a person emotions that cause psychological discomfort, and impairs the ability to function. I agree that through exercising a persons is lifted, and they feel happier. With exercising all the negative symptoms should dissipate.

Exercise Is Best To Resolve Anxiety Problem

Your article is really good, I personally feel that exercise is best psychological treatment for anxiety. Elliptical fitness trainers will be good for this you can checkout Review Of Precor EFX 576i Elliptical Fitness Trainer

You are right about the anxiety

You are right that exercise make you feel better even if you are in anxiety or facing any kind of bad moments. Thanks for your article and keep sharing.

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Michael W. Otto, Ph.D., is Professor of Psychology at Boston University. He is author of Exercise for Mood and Anxiety: Proven Strategies for Overcoming Depression and Enhancing Well-Being. more...

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