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Suicide and Vitamin D

A while back I wrote a post called Omega 3s and Suicide in the Military which traced the link between low omega 3 status and victims of suicide in the US active forces. There is a linear relationship between the amount of healthy, necessary omega 3 in the cell membranes and the risk of suicide, and the active members of the armed forces seem to be quite low. Read More

I wonder what effect this has

I wonder what effect this has on my husband, who has issues with sensory perception due to autism spectrum disorder. He rarely if ever leaves the home because sunlight hurts his eyes and sunshine will make him warm. Our curtains are always closed at home, leaving only the North-facing kitchen with any sunlight. Outside temperatures over 22C and he'll have a heat stroke, with nausea, feeling faint, the lot. As he finds it difficult to take supplements because of the pill size, he doesn't get it that way either. I've often wondered if lack of D-vitamin might be one of the causes to the depression he suffers, since he himself notices a difference between periods when he drinks milk and periods when he doesn't.

I'll have to look into getting him the smallest D-vitamin supplement on the market, with 2000IU or above.

Vitamin D WITH Vitamin A

Vitamin D must be supplemented WITH Vitamin A according to an appropriate ration for best effect and to avoid harm. That is why cod liver oil (some brands), are the best way to supplement Vitamin D: you get the right ratio (only in certain brands) of Vit. A&D, as well as K2 and omegas. See the Weston A. Price Foundation website for more detailed info on Vitamin D.

If you supplement with cod

If you supplement with cod liver oil to get vitamin A, D, E and K2, wouldn't it also be appropriate to supplement with magnesium and/or kalcium? What is the interaction betwee vitamin A and vitamin D? The kaclium-magnesium-k2-vitamin D part I know of, but I've yet to read studies about vitamin A in relation to the others.

Also, the cod liver oil I can find seems to be about 5mcg vitamin D per tablet, wouldn't that be very little for someone who doesn't see the sun at all? I was thinking of at least 2000IU.

His diet is entirely lacking of vegetables because of ASD (he can't handle eating them at all) and he has been depressed for years and years. The avoidance of sunlight got bad about eight years ago, and since then he's only had very sporadic exposure.

Vitamin D comes in drops, too.

@Sanna, vitamin D is available in liquid form and can be dispensed in drops. It can be disguised in liquid or on food, if it can't be taken as is. Vitamin A and B vitamins are also available in this form.
Both my son and I are supposed to be on the spectrum, and we both benefited significantly from vitamin D supplementation. Speaking for myself, I found it very uncomfortable to make eye contact and couldn't socialize naturally before supplementation, and these issues have as good as disappeared now.
I believe magnesium supplementation helped a lot, too. (Read what Dr Deans says about this mineral.)


Just some thoughts. I got some country life D3, 1000U, and they are tiny capsules.
Also, maybe you could research traditional (not modern) Inuit-type diets. They apparently got everything they needed from their diets without vegeatbles. And I doubt they got much sun exposure due to being covered heat to toe.

Yet Most are Vitamin D Deficient!

I just wrote a blog article about Vitamin D deficiency and am amazed that most North Americans are vitamin D deficient.

If taking supplements there is a big difference between synthetic D2 and D3 (which is what our bodies produce in response to the sun's UV rays).

This is sad, and is so simple to fix!

I read somewhere that Brazil

I read somewhere that Brazil nuts provide the highest concentration of Vitamin D in a food source. :-)

Dr. Michael Holick is the

Dr. Michael Holick is the world's foremost expert on Vitamin D and published a book on the subject not too long ago. From supplementation I went from a low level of 30 to 110 (a bit high) and years of coughing, flu and chest infections are now history for me. And in the rare case I do feel a cold coming on I follow the Stoss Protocol which involves very high doses of Vitamin D for three days. It somehow acts as a *natural antibiotic* and never fails me.

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